IHP industrial hose pump

Overview of IHP Hose Pump:

The industrial hose pump series is a new type of multi-functional and versatile industrial pump. It completely breaks away from the operating mode of traditional pump impellers and shaft seals, providing significant advantages in conveying media with high viscosity, high corrosiveness, and large impurities. It has a completely different principle from traditional pumps and has a wide range of applications.

Working Principle of IHP Hose Pump:

A specially designed rubber hose with a smooth inner wall and reliable strength is installed inside the pump body. It is squeezed by a pair of rollers rotating along the hose, causing the medium to be transported in one direction without backflow. After the hose transports the medium, it is restored to its original state by the self-elasticity of the flattened hose and the forced action of the side guide rollers. At this time, a high vacuum is generated inside the hose, which sucks the medium back into the tube cavity. Then, the medium is discharged from the hose under the squeezing action of the rollers, and this process repeats continuously, with the medium being continuously sucked in and discharged.

Advantages of IHP Hose Pump:

Unique seal-free structure, no leakage or pollution.

Uses advanced rolling technology; rollers do not require any lubrication.

Strong self-priming ability and self-cleaning capability; can suction and discharge materials in both directions.

Simple hose assembly, easy installation and maintenance, low maintenance costs, and easy operation.

Flow rate can be linearly adjusted with certain metering capabilities.

Does not clog when transporting fluids with high viscosity and impurities.

Long pump service life, high lift, and high pump outlet pressure.

Features of IHP Hose Pump:

Simple and compact structure, easy to manufacture, low failure rate, easy operation and maintenance, easy inspection, and low cost, suitable for various mixed fluids.

Volumetric pump type, featuring no mechanical seals, strong self-priming ability, and self-cleaning properties.

No pump valves, eliminates the leakage and air resistance phenomena of sealed pumps, avoiding losses and pollution caused by leakage, keeping the work site clean.

Simple structure without impellers or chambers, strong adaptability, capable of transporting liquids, slurry, and viscous suspensions. Particularly, the flexible hose cavity can pump liquids with impurities, various fibrous materials, and solid slurries with particle sizes less than one-fourth of the hose diameter, and the smooth hose inner cavity does not cause any blockages. It allows for relatively high solid content in the transported medium, up to 70% concentration, making it suitable for conveying highly concentrated materials.

No priming required before operation. The rotor itself acts as a valve when the pump is stopped. This prevents backflow, and during dry operation, no main shaft sealing failure occurs.

The liquid pumped by the pump only comes into contact with the hose, allowing it to transport abrasive media with high acidity, alkalinity, salt corrosion, toxicity, sterility, radioactivity, and high abrasive content, as well as materials with high hygiene requirements and no shear force destruction, such as slag transportation in beneficiation and chlorination processes. It can replace general stainless steel pumps. Its gentle, low shear force reduces the degree of damage to some vulnerable media. The activity of the fluid is not destroyed. Since only the rubber tube comes into contact with the transported medium, it overcomes the disadvantage of rapid wear of pump parts, so the pump body only needs to be made of ordinary materials, resulting in low cost. It can transport high-density media. The maximum specific gravity of the medium that a centrifugal pump can handle is 2.6kg/cm³, while the medium handled by the peristaltic pump can reach up to 4.3kg/cm³.

It can rotate in both forward and reverse directions. There is no inlet or outlet set, resulting in low power consumption, high hydraulic and volumetric efficiency.

It has excellent metering capabilities and can be used as a metering pump. The flow rate can be changed by selecting the size of the pipe and adjusting the speed of the rotor. It has a wide range of flow rates, high metering accuracy, and high repeatability. The flow rate accuracy can be less than 10%, and it is not affected by changes in medium viscosity.

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