Clean water centrifugal pump--Chinese version

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Single stage single suction clean water centrifugal pump2024-05-06
Single stage double suction clean water centrifugal pump2024-05-06
Multistage clean water centrifugal pump2024-05-06
Horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pumps, boiler pumps, corrosion-resistant pumps2024-05-06
Vertical multistage centrifugal pump2024-05-06
Stainless steel vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump2024-05-06

Submersible pump | Deep well pump--Chinese version

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Submersible electric pump2024-05-09
Submersible sewage pump2024-05-09
Corrosion-resistant submersible electric pump2024-05-09
Deep well pump2024-05-09
Special domestic sewage lifting device for villas and apartments2024-05-09
FWB wind turbine submersible pump2024-05-09

Impurity pump--Chinese version

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Sewage pump2024-05-10
Mud pump2024-05-10
Sand pump2024-05-10
High-resistant slurry pump for mining2024-05-10

Vacuum pumps and hydraulic ejectors--Chinese version

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Water ring vacuum pump2024-05-11
HTB type water ring acid-resistant ceramic vacuum pump2024-05-11
Rotary vane vacuum pump2024-05-11
Roots vacuum pump2024-05-11
Reciprocating vacuum pump2024-05-11
Vacuum complete automatic control system2024-05-11
Vacuum unit2024-05-11
W type water jet2024-05-11
Steam dehumidification pump for ironing equipment in garment factories2024-05-11

Oil pump gear pump--Chinese version

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Gear pump2024-05-13
Centrifugal oil pump2024-05-13

Pipeline pump | Self-priming pump--Chinese version

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Household pipeline booster pump2024-05-13
Chemical pipeline pump2024-05-13
Self-priming pump2024-05-13

Chemical pumps | beverage pumps--Chinese version

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stainless steel pump2024-05-14
Stainless steel self-priming pump2024-05-14
Stainless steel stamping centrifugal pump2024-05-14
Corrosion-resistant submersible pump2024-05-14
Plastic corrosion-resistant pump2024-05-14
Ultra-high molecular polyethylene UHB-ZK corrosion-resistant mortar pump2024-05-14
Ceramic corrosion-resistant pump2024-05-14

Diaphragm pump | Magnetic pump | Other pumps--Chinese version

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Pulp pump2024-05-15
Screw pump2024-05-15
Diaphragm pump2024-05-15
Magnetic drive pump2024-05-15
Vortex pump2024-05-15
Steam reciprocating pump2024-05-15
Double-tube jet deep well self-priming pump2024-05-15
Silent in-pipe booster pump2024-05-15
PGB hose pump2024-05-15

Fire pump series--Chinese version

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XBD-DL vertical multi-stage fire pump2024-05-16
XBD-DI vertical multi-stage fire pump (high speed)2024-05-16
XBD-GDL vertical multi-stage fire pump2024-05-16
XBD-ISG vertical single-stage fire pump2024-05-16
XBD-ISW horizontal single-stage fire pump2024-05-16
XBD-IS horizontal single-stage fire pump2024-05-16
XBD-S horizontal single-stage double-suction fire pump2024-05-16
XBD-TSW horizontal multi-stage fire pump2024-05-16
XBC type diesel unit fire pump2024-05-16
XBD-CDLF vertical multi-stage fire pump unit2024-05-16

Pneumatic water supply equipment--Chinese version

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SOB diaphragm type domestic automatic air pressure water supply equipment2024-05-17
ZW fire booster and stable pressure water supply equipment2024-05-17
XOB fire-fighting voltage-stabilized water supply equipment2024-05-17
XZ(G) Firefighting Pneumatic Water Supply Equipment2024-05-17
XPZ(G) series fire protection frequency conversion water supply equipment2024-05-17
MBPS type frequency conversion speed regulation constant pressure intelligent water supply equipment2024-05-19
WZG type non-negative pressure pressurized steady flow water supply equipment2024-05-19
ZWL type water tank type pipe network superimposed (no negative pressure) water supply equipment2024-05-19
GZL type silent frequency conversion speed regulation constant pressure water supply equipment2024-05-19
Integrated non-negative pressure all-stainless steel water supply unit2024-05-19

Control cabinet | pressure tank--Chinese version

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Water pump electrical control cabinet2024-05-24
Frequency conversion speed control cabinet2024-05-24
XI01 auto-decompression starting cabinet2024-05-24

Water pump auxiliary products

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Diaphragm pressure tank2024-05-25
MZ series small pressure tank2024-05-25
No negative pressure steady flow tank2024-05-25
Prefabricated stainless steel welded water tank2024-05-25
YOS vacuum water tank2024-05-25
Energy storage tank2024-05-25
Name TimeDownload
Instructions for use of prefabricated rural self-priming irrigation pump station2015-08-21
MZDLF-MZDLT vertical stainless steel multi-stage pump2015-05-26
Pearl Video2015-04-17
SKA (BE) water ring vacuum pump manual2015-04-17
SKA (2BV) liquid ring vacuum pump manual2015-04-17
SKA (2BV) water ring vacuum pump manual2015-04-17
SK water ring vacuum pump and compressor manual2015-04-17
QS series submersible electric pump manual2015-04-17
W Series Water Power Ejector Instructions2015-04-17

Design drawings

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Name TimeDownload
Shanghai Convention Center, China2015-01-05
China Putuo Mountain Huaguang Hotel2015-01-05
Shenzhen Municipal Land and Resources Bureau Training Center, China2015-01-05
China Aerospace Building2015-01-05
China Huarong Building2015-01-05
China Tibet CPPCC Cultural and History Museum2015-01-05
Nanjing Xincheng Building, China2015-01-05
Xuzhou Commercial Building, China2015-01-05
Apartment for Foreign Experts2015-01-05
China FLTRP Conference Center2015-01-05
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