QDX type stainless steel single-phase submersible sewage pump

The QDX series (aluminum casing) single-phase submersible electric pump is widely used in rural well water extraction, farmland irrigation, garden watering, and household water supply. It can also be used for draining industrial wastewater, aquaculture water, and other purposes.

The QDX and QX series submersible pumps have a single-phase or three-phase motor-driven pump structure. They are equipped with double-sided mechanical seals between the pump and the motor. The motor is equipped with a protection device that cuts off power in case of abnormal conditions such as high internal temperature or overload, thus protecting the motor.

The pump is located at the bottom of the electric pump and has a centrifugal impeller and volute structure. Double-sided mechanical seals are used between the pump and the electric motor, and "O"-shaped oil-resistant rubber seals are used as static seals at fixed locations.

Conditions for using the QDX series (aluminum casing) single-phase submersible electric pump:

The working medium is non-corrosive clean water, with a sand content not exceeding 0.10% of the volume and a particle size not greater than 0.20mm.

The medium temperature does not exceed 40°C, and the pH value of the medium is between 6.5 and 8.5.

The electric pump should be used within the range of rated head.

The electric pump should be fully immersed in water, with a submersion depth not exceeding 3m and a minimum depth of 0.5m above the water bottom, but should not be buried in mud.

The power frequency is 50Hz, and the voltage for single-phase is 220V, with a voltage fluctuation range of 0.9-1.1 times the rated value.

Performance parameters of the QDX series (aluminum casing) single-phase submersible electric pump:

Flow rate: 1.5~40m3/h

Head: 7~60m

Ambient temperature: ≤40°C

Medium temperature: -20°C to +40°C

Medium density: ≤1.3×103kg/m3

Speed: 2900r/min

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